II Sons for Men Helps Tucson Grooms Look Their Best on their Wedding Day

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April 22, 2015
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June 22, 2015

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Throughout the year in Tucson, you’ll hear about many different wedding-related services, plus all the fairs and events, that cater to the bride. Well, we are here to say that we haven’t forgotten about the groom. You know, the other half of the couple? Yes, that means you.

Sure, everyone will be staring at your bride as she makes her walk down the aisle, but her beautiful face will be fixated on you (and that’s what counts, right?). So of course you need to look your best. Not only will your future wife have memories of your handsome mug ’til death do you part, but those memories will be documented in all of the photographs that she so lovingly will display throughout your home. There are many pivotal days in a man’s life where pulling a do-it-yourself just isn’t a good idea, and your wedding day is one of them. Don’t worry, we have you covered with our Best Man Package.

 Not only do we provide you with the hair cut and the shave, but we can also allow you and your groomsmen a great bonding experience before you head to the chapel and leave bachelorhood behind. From our modern, masculine architecture to the big screen TVs surrounding the barber’s chairs, our shop is the perfect place to get your wedding-day needs met. We have four talented and experienced, laid-back barbers who will tune you up while you get your head in the game for your big moment.

We recently did a little Q & A with Danny Garcia, owner of II Sons for Men, about how he caters to Tucson’s grooms:

Do you go on location to provide your Best Man Package services?
Not yet, but this is something we hope to add in the future.

About how long can the wedding party expect the Groom’s Day experience to last?
It typically takes up an hour per person- expect to be in the chair a full hour if you’re getting a haircut and a shave.

Can you do the entire wedding party at the same time?
Depending on the size of the wedding party and how far in advance you book, it is possible to work on everyone together.

How far in advance would you recommend scheduling appointments for this package?
Months. You can easily schedule each member of the wedding party by heading to our online booking system on our website.

Is alcohol permitted?
We do allow our wedding parties to celebrate with a beer or drink of some kind, but we do not provide this. It does go great, however, with the cigars we provide to commemorate the occasion.

We have two different packages available, plus other specialty packages available upon request. Click here to view our rates.

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