Along With the Classic Gentleman, Barber Shops are Making a Comeback

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May 15, 2015

Lately it seems as if the refined gentleman has become obsolete, doesn’t it? While it did wane for a bit with the rise of men’s skin-tight jeans and crop tops (yep, also for men), it seems as if the “real men” of the world are revolting. This man does not want to be lumped in with these “other” men, as this man is classy and refined, while also embracing his manhood.  This man takes pride in how he dresses, and cares about how he looks when he steps outside. He understands that this matters, and can have positive effects across many areas of his life.

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Beyond caring about how he looks on the outside, this man conducts himself like a mature adult and treats others, especially women, with respect. This modern-throwback gentleman has many faces: He is a pilot, a mailman, active duty military, a doctor, a cop… you get the idea. Any man, in any place, of any profession can be the kind of man that others want to emulate, if he so chooses. This is the kind of man that people want to be around, and that quality, attractive women want to date.

It may sound trite and superficial, but it all starts with a good haircut. Why? Because how you look on the outside affects how you think and feel on the inside. It also affects how others see you (remember Deangelo Vickers’ in-office shave on The Office?), and can even make a difference in how succesful you are.

With a few exceptions, you aren’t likely to find a true, successful gentleman wrapped in an unkempt man’s body. This is why we are so passionate about what we do. We want to bring back this seemingly lost art, and we want our clients leaving feeling confident, refreshed, and ready to put their best foot forward. We want to be a haven to men who want a good haircut, but want to avoid the grating salon atmosphere. So hop over to the appointment tab and book today. Our clients don’t just come for the great cuts; they enjoy our classic atmosphere and good conversation. Like our current clients, you’ll find that once you get here and make yourself at home, you won’t want to leave.

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