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You may have noticed that we are hiring! Yes, II Sons for Men Barber Shop is expanding here in Tucson, and we are looking to add to our top-notch family of barbers. Maybe you’re interested in the job, but you aren’t yet licensed. Well, the specifics vary from state to state, so we will just talk about the typical experience here in Arizona.

Barbers in the state of Arizona are licensed and regulated by the Arizona Board of Barbers. Barbers are licensed professionals with the credentials to:

  • Cut or shave hair on the head, neck and face.
  • Cleanse, massage, and wash or apply lotions to these areas.
  • Style hair.
  • Perform color treatments on hair.
  • etc.

Being a barber is a laid-back job where no two days are exactly the same. If you enjoy meeting new people and and staying away from desk jobs, then you may just find yourself becoming a barber someday. But how do you get there? We will take you through the process in five steps:

  1. Find a barber school. Before enrolling, make sure that they are a Licensed School of Barbering. For a list of schools in Arizona, click here. There are three schools to choose from in the Tucson area.
  2. Once you’ve completed your barber training, you’ll need to apply for a Barber’s License in the state of Arizona.First, you must request an application from the Board by calling 602-542-4498.Along with your application, you must also send proof of having a tenth grade or higher education, graduated from a barber school, and your valid social security number.
    1. Once you have completed your application and have had it notarized, you may send it in, along with a $140 exam fee.
    2. Upon review of your application, you will be contacted confirming your eligibility to sit for the exam.
  3. The next step is actually taking the exam, which are scheduled every three months in Phoenix and Tucson. The barber’s license exam is composed of a written and a practical demonstration section. In order to pass, you must score 75% or better on each section. Once you have passed your exam, you will be issued an Arizona Barber License.
  4. Finally, keep your license current. In Arizona, your barber license must be renewed every two years, and it expires on your birthday. All you need to do is complete a renewal form and submit the $80 renewal fee.
    1. Legally, there are no continuing education requirements for barbers in Arizona right now. However, keeping up with the trends and innovations of the industry can only help your career.
    2. If you decide to move, your Arizona license is currently able to be transferred to 28 other states.

The best part is that you can be a barber anywhere. If life happens to take you out of Arizona or you are nomadic by nature, people will need to have their hair cut wherever they go.

For more information, visit the Arizona Board of Barbers.

II Sons For Men is Proud to be in a barbershop in good standing with the Arizona State Board of Barbers.

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