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Hey, it’s okay to admit that you’ve had beard envy before. Every so often, you’ll see a dude who just completely rocks his beard, and makes every other bearded fellow bow in scruffy homage. It’s not just about the length or thickness, either (that’s what she said), it’s also about how smooth, even, and clean it looks, right? Well, if you have no idea how that beard-shrouded fellow achieved his look, we are about to introduce you to a whole new world.

Before you worry about caring for the beard you don’t have, let’s talk about growing one. We have three words for you: Let. It. Grow! Put down the razor and let your face be free of the blade for a while. Let it grow longer than you ultimately want it to be (at least an inch). This point is where we recommend making an appointment with us to help you with the initial shaping and edging. Pulling a DIY at this point could put you back at square one with the slightest mistake and, if you’re looking to have this beard for the long haul, it is well worth it to hand the clippers over to us. OK, now that you have your beard, next we will talk about the best ways to care for it.

First, it’s important to note that facial hair and scalp hair were not created equal. Don’t waste all that time growing out a beard by damaging it with the wrong products. Facial hair grows in thicker and flatter, which means it is more coarse in appearance than the hair on your head. It is also more susceptible to split ends. In addition to the hair being different, the skin underneath it is different as well. Skin on your face is thin and sensitive (acne alert!), especially when compared to the skin on your head. So, when you use shampoo meant for the scalp, you can cause dryness and irritation due to stripping away the skin’s natural oils. This can then cause a dandruff-like appearance in your beard (“beardruff”). If you are acne-prone, regular shampoo is an especially bad idea. “So what should I use,” you ask. If you incorporate only a few quality products into your daily rotation, you’ll soon be channeling the sophisticated lumbersexual in you, causing beard envy for miles.

To clean: Soap or shampoo specifically designed for the face/beard. We recommend shampooing a couple of times a week to every other day, to avoid drying out your skin. However, every face and beard are different, so you have to figure out what is right for you.

To condition: Beard oil. This is essential for maintaining a shiny, flake-free beard worthy of being seen in public with. It moisturizes the beard, as well as the skin beneath. Also, because your beard is right near your pie hole, it’s susceptible to absorbing food scents (which later become stench) and particles. Gross, right? Well, that’s why beard oils also serve as cologne for your face. They come in a variety of scents and leave you feeling fresh.

Side note: Tucson-based Loyal Beard sells great beard oils. Check them out on their website, or find their products in our shop, coming soon!

To maintain shape and control: Beard or mustache wax, or balm, is the best way to make those scraggly beard hairs stay put. These products are for achieving the final look you’re going for, including making your beard appear thicker.

Finally, don’t forget to invest in a beard comb and a good beard trimmer!

Once you have incorporated these essentials into your lineup and make sure to keep up with the trimming and edging, you’ll be ready to turn heads wherever you go. You and that manly beard.


June 22, 2015

How to Master the Beard

  Hey, it’s okay to admit that you’ve had beard envy before. Every so often, you’ll see a dude who just completely rocks his beard, and […]
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